Holiday Tree Lighting Do’s & Don’ts

Holiday Tree Lighting Do’s & Don’ts

The holiday season ushers in joyful traditions, including trimming trees both indoors and out! Holiday tree lighting is a popular custom. However, many people should pay more attention to important considerations when wrapping lights around their trees. While tree lighting is a great way to celebrate and get into the holiday spirit, it’s important to be aware of tree-lighting risks and how to avoid them. To help keep you and your trees safe this season, the tree-care experts at Monster Tree Service have put together our list of holiday tree lighting do’s and don’ts. Before you start trimming your trees, consult our checklist of tree-lighting tips!

Holiday Tree-lighting Tips

Since many of us have been decorating trees for the holidays since we were kids, it’s easy to feel like an expert. However, many safety considerations for indoor and outdoor trees get overlooked every year resulting in tree damage and even fires. Trimming the tree adds to the festive mood of the season. Do so safely with our tree lighting do’s and don’ts.

Tree Lighting Do’s

  1. If you’re celebrating with a fresh-cut, indoor evergreen, adequately water it to prevent the tree from drying out. Dry and brittle trees are more susceptible to fires. Plus, they drop unwanted needles and make a mess.

  2. Save time and stress by testing your holiday lights before wrapping them on your tree.

  3. Replace burnt-out bulbs with new bulbs of the same wattage.

  4. Inspect light strings for damage, including frayed wires and cracked sockets.

  5. Use “indoor” lights for your interior tree and “outdoor” lights for exterior trees and landscaping.

  6. Ensure light strings are protected from pets and electrical cords don’t pose a risk of tripping or entanglement.

  7. Wear gloves to prevent splinters and irritation.

  8. Turn off all tree lighting when asleep or away from your home.

  9. Monitor lights when in use, ensuring they don’t become overheated.

  10. Most importantly: Have fun! Hanging lights can be a great activity for the whole family as long as you practice tree lighting safety.

Tree Lighting Don’ts

  1. Never use indoor lights on outdoor trees. Indoor lights are not meant to be used outside and cannot withstand the elements.

  2. Additionally, don’t use interior extension cords for outdoor lighting. They are not equipped to withstand changing temperatures and weather conditions.

  3. Don’t overload extension cords. If the wattage is too high, the extension cord can overheat and become a fire hazard.

  4. The more lights, the higher your electric bill. Create a strategic holiday lighting plan rather than going overboard.

  5. Don’t hang exterior lights before checking in with your homeowners' association. Some HOAs have rules about outdoor lighting and decor.

  6. Avoid damage to the tree, and don’t wrap tree branches too tightly.

  7. Don’t hang lights on outdoor trees that haven’t been pruned and trimmed. Hanging lights on dead or broken branches presents a safety hazard. Always ensure your trees are strong and healthy.

  8. Never use staple guns to hang lights in trees, as they can damage bark and leave your trees susceptible to disease and pest infestations.

  9. Do your future self a favor, and don’t throw lights into a storage bin without organizing them. It’s no fun to shift through tangled and burnt-out lights when starting to decorate.

  10. Don’t stress! Tree lighting should be a fun experience. If you feel overwhelmed by the task, consider scaling back your design. Sometimes less is more!


We’re Here to Prep Your Trees for the Holidays

The holiday season gets busy. However, you mustn’t forget to take care of your trees, especially if you plan on using outdoor tree lights. Between snow, ice, and lights, trees experience many winter stressors. Keep your place on the nice list, and ensure your trees are in good shape before decorating. Monster Tree Service provides tree trimming and pruning services to get your trees holiday ready. Contact your local Monster Tree Service for top-notch tree care and jolly customer service.