Tree Inspection Services and Health Evaluation

You get a yearly checkup from your doctor; why don’t your trees get the same? The timing looks a little different, but calling a professional arborist for an evaluation is essential for tree health management. Monster Tree Service arborists have the training to spot minor problems before they become large enough to permanently damage your trees. If a sick or injured tree worries you, we’ll closely inspect it for signs of disease or insects. We’ll find the best course of action to rectify the issue or remove them before they can affect other parts of your property.

Don’t wait to schedule your next tree inspection. Request a quote online for a professional arborist visit.

When to Request a Tree Health Assessment

For healthy trees, you should schedule a tree evaluation every three years. This checkup identifies early signs of weakness, disease, or pests so we can nip them in the bud.

Each independently owned and operated Monster Tree Service location also performs a tree risk assessment, looking for evidence of dead or damaged limbs that may come down and damage your property or cause an injury. We perform risk assessment anytime, but it’s crucial after a storm so we can check for areas weakened by wind, water, or snow.

Between regular check-ups, Monster Tree Service will investigate any trees you’re worried about. Call us for yellowed leaves, slowed growth, signs of rot and disease, pests, and any other concerns you have about your trees’ health.

Our Arborist Tree Inspection Process

When we inspect your trees, we take a thorough approach to ensuring tree health. We’ll look at:

  • General health. Roots can become damaged, or trees can become starved of nutrients or sunlight. Your tree may catch a disease, and depending on the disease, can spread to other trees on your property. These conditions are often difficult to notice without a specialist calling attention to them.
  • Signs of deadwood and decay. Trees may seem perfectly stable while they’re actually rotting from within. We scan for dangerous deadwood that could drop during a storm and inspect for signs of decomposition undermining the stability of your tree.
  • Abnormal or imbalanced growth. Uneven growth contributes to stability issues, making a tree more likely to come down in a storm. We’ll assess your trees’ growth patterns to ensure they’re as stable as possible.
  • Signs of pests. Some pests burrow deep into the tree trunk, causing severe damage before anyone notices. Our arborists inspect trees closely to catch pest infestations before they spread.

Hiring a Tree Inspection Near Me

Trees can be beyond repair for months or years before finally dying. We’ll help you identify which trees we can save and which should be removed so you can plant something new. Call (888) 744-0155 or start a free quote online to learn more about the health of your trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an arborist do?

Professional arborists care for and maintain trees, looking out for not only the health of the tree but also the safety of everyone around it. Monster Tree Service’s trained arborists spot everything from diseases and pests to signs that a tree is weak enough to collapse or uproot naturally.

Why is my tree dying?

There’s a range of reasons a tree might be dying. Disease and pests may be attacking. Your tree may not be getting the sunlight or nutrients it needs, or the soil conditions may have changed. We’ll discover the reason and recommend a plan of action.

Why hire a certified arborist?

Given a tree’s complex nature, it can be difficult for inexperienced or untrained eyes to spot a dangerous situation. An arborist inspection catches the signs and symptoms of all kinds of pests and diseases long before they ruin or kill a tree. We pinpoint risks and problems to recommend a service that encourages healthy, robust growth.

Related Services

After a tree inspection, Monster Tree Service arborists may recommend any of our services to address a specific problem. For example:

  • Trees with split trunks and weak limbs are candidates for cabling and bracing to provide extra support and prevent storm damage from downing limbs or whole trees.
  • If your tree grows abnormally, corrective pruning allows us to remove dead, weak, or unbalanced growth to strengthen your tree.
  • Take care of pests and sicknesses before they spread with insect and disease management services.

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