Crown-Density Reduction and Tree-Thinning Service

Thick, lush tree canopies are striking and can be an enjoyable part of your landscaping. But a tree’s foliage can grow too dense.

Tree-thinning and crown-density reduction services are designed to selectively address interior limbs, allowing light and air through to the rest of the tree.

The professional arborists at each individually owned and operated Monster Tree Service location are ready to evaluate trees with dense canopy cover and thin their branches as necessary to give you a more beautiful, healthy landscape.

Interested in tree-thinning services? Request a free estimate online.

Reducing the Crown Density of Trees Helps Them Flourish

Crown-thinning removes excess branches and foliage to help ensure the rest of the tree receives light and airflow. Without it, interior leaves may not receive adequate light and often die, threatening to fall on whatever’s below. Tree-thinning professionals selectively remove branches to help prevent future damage and promote healthy, managed growth.

How Thinning Your Tree Canopy Benefits Your Yard

Trees need maintenance to keep them at peak health. At Monster Tree Service, we know just how to thin your tree branches for the maximum benefit of the tree.

Our crown-density reduction offers several benefits:

  • Improved tree health. With more nutrients able to reach and spread throughout your tree, you can expect a holistic improvement from density reduction.
  • Increased longevity. Trees that are healthy all over tend to be less likely to fall over in a storm or die from a disease.
  • Enhanced aesthetics. Density reduction lowers the chances of dead branches and keeps leaves healthy.
  • Less weight-induced stress. Dense branches are heavy, and an extremely dense crown can put unnecessary stress on your tree. Less-stressed limbs develop to be more productive.
  • A safer yard. Dead branches fall more easily and could cause problems down the road, including property damage or injury.

Our Professional Crown-Density Reduction and Tree-Thinning Services

The Monster Tree Service nearest you has experience with the trees native and popular in your local community, giving us the ability to take care of your trees for the long haul.

Our professional arborists:

  1. Assess your trees and advise whether a crown-density reduction is necessary.
  2. Determine how much reduction is necessary to keep the trees in optimal health, doing all that is possible to live by the 30% rule (not removing more than 30% of the branches).
  3. Schedule service for the appropriate time in the growth cycle to minimize stress on the tree.
  4. Expertly choose which branches to thin to protect your trees’ health.

The Value of Trusting Your Tree-Thinning to the Professionals

Tree-thinning is a job best left to professional arborists. Trees small and large (even those that may be reached from the ground) all benefit from crown-reduction services. Removing the wrong branch or damaging the tree in the process may leave your tree vulnerable to infection.

The professional arborists at Monster Tree Service are trained to skillfully prune and remove limbs without causing damage to your trees or your property. Our efficient thinning service offers needed maintenance to your trees.

Find Professional Tree-Thinning Near Me

Improve your trees’ health and your yard’s safety with professional crown-density reduction. Our tree-care specialists will work carefully to minimize stress on your trees while promoting healthy growth. Provide your tree with the best care. Call (888) 744-0155 or request an estimate online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tree-crown thinning?

During crown-thinning, professional arborists remove select branches – and sometimes limbs – throughout the tree’s crown, allowing light and air movement and sunlight to reach the tree's interior.

How often should I thin my tree canopy?

Most large trees need their canopies thinned about every three years. Trees should NOT be thinned every year, as this can add stress and harm growth.

When you choose Monster Tree Service, a professional arborist will work with you to create the crown-thinning routine that’s best for your trees. Your thinning schedule will depend on several factors, including your trees’ species, age, and health.

Why do tree branches die in one part of my tree when others are flourishing?

If only interior branches are dying, the most likely cause is a lack of airflow and sunlight. This is when your trees need thinning. If dying branches are more evenly distributed throughout the canopy or concentrated on one side or another, your tree may be suffering from disease or pests.

What is tree-crown reduction?

Tree-crown reduction removes a portion of a tree’s canopy by shortening branches to a certain length, rather than thinning out smaller branches throughout the canopy, as in tree-crown thinning or density reduction. This method of tree reduction is often used to scale down the size of a tree or to shape it.

Tree-crown reduction should be used sparingly and should only be practiced by a tree-care professional.

Related Services

Your local Monster Tree Service offers other care options to allow you to nurture your trees from root to crown:

  • Uncertain about the health of your tree? Schedule a tree inspection and our plant health care experts will let you know what kind of care your trees need.
  • If your tree already has dying limbs, use our deadwooding service to remove these possible falling dangers.
  • Many trees ill-affected by diseases and infestations can be saved with our insect and disease management service.

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