Why Your Soil Matters

To have beautiful and healthy trees, it is important to make sure you have good soil. Soil is essential to providing trees and plants nutrients while also absorbing, purifying, and releasing water. The soil you choose can mean the difference between health trees and plants and a barren landscape. Consider texture, structure, compaction, drainage, and pH levels to determine if the soil is right for your trees.


The texture is the sand, silt, and clay particles ratio. If it is sandy, it will have a gritty feel. Silty soil has a smooth texture while clay-like soil is stickier. The texture of the soil can impact the structure, availability of water, air, and nutrients, and the water holding capacity.


Structure is the way the soil particles naturally bond. The better the structure, the more space it will have to allow for water infiltration, drainage, air movement, and strong root growth. It can also play a role in compaction which can cause water to pond on the surface.


If the soil becomes compacted, the pores can close and the movement of water and air is limited. This means water pools on top of the soil or subsoil and once dry, they are difficult to penetrate. This can drown out the trees because oxygen is not making it to the roots, allowing it to grow.


Poor drainage prevents oxygen from reaching the roots. Saturated soils can kill the roots of trees and plants rapidly. It is important to make sure soil has good structure and pores to allow for water to drain properly.

What Can We Do?

Unless you are bringing in fresh soil to start a new garden or redo your landscaping and beds, there is little you can do to change your soil’s qualities. Here at Monster Tree Service we can have the soil tested and make recommendations to insure your trees get the nutrients they need to maintain health and vigor. We also have a comprehensive tree fertilization program. If your trees and shrubs are suffering, or if you just want to ensure that your landscape investment is as healthy and vigorous as possible, please call us today to work with our professional arborists to develop a fertilization plan you can count on.

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