Professional Deadwood Removal Service and Tree Care

Have you been eying that one branch dangling ominously above your roof and clearly dead, but too high for you to reach? It’s time to call in the professionals to handle this hazard for you.

Each independently owned and operated Monster Tree Service location has the equipment and personnel to safely take down those danglers before they come down on their own during the next storm.

Preserve your trees’ safety when you request an estimate online to get started.

What Is Deadwooding?

Deadwooding a tree is removing dead or dying branches and limbs to protect your property and safety. Monster Tree Service determines which tree branches are dying or dead, then safely removes the dead wood, protecting the rest of your tree from harm.

Choose professional deadwooding services for the safest handling of damaged trees.

The Importance of Removing Dead Wood from Trees

Dead branches may come down in the next storm and cause damage or injury. Rotting and decaying branches also attract pests and predatory insects that can impact your trees’ health. To mitigate risk, we remove dead tree branches and limbs before they cause further problems.

Safe, Professional Dead Tree Branch Removal Saves Trees

Dead tree limb removal is more common than you might think. Storm damage, constant shade, disease, and age all contribute to the dying and decay of branches. At Monster Tree Service, we salvage the living part of your tree by removing dead branches and limbs and trimming the remaining tree. That way, your tree can spend its nutrients on healthy growth. Our professional arborists are trained to safely remove large, unwieldy, or difficult-to-reach branches that you shouldn’t address on your own.

Hire a Professional Deadwood Tree Service Near Me

Enjoy your trees for years to come with professional deadwooding services. Call (888) 744-0155 or start a free quote online to protect your landscaping and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to tell if a tree is dying or can be salvaged:

An experienced arborist from your local Monster Tree Service will examine your trees and tell you whether deadwooding may help save your tree or if it’s better to remove the tree to make room for a healthy one. Many times, trees can be helped if you call for a service to take care of dead or dying branches as soon as you notice them.

Does cutting off dead branches help a tree?

Yes! Removing dead branches and rot allows more space for healthy tree growth and lowers the risk of disease and infection. Professional limb removal is the best way to protect your tree from further harm.

Should I cut dead branches off my tree?

Yes, but you should always hire a professional service for dead branch removal. Monster Tree Service arborists have the professional training and equipment to spot and safely remove all the dead wood on your tree without causing harm to other nearby limbs or the trunk.

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