Our Soil Testing & Plant Tissue Testing Services

When it comes to tree care, soil can’t be overlooked. Taking care of your soil helps every tree, plant, and shrub on your property thrive.

As a homeowner, ordering a custom soil and/or tissue test can help you make practical decisions in your trees’ best interest. Together, tissue and soil analysis allow for the creation of customized plant fertilization services. Understanding the test results is critical to helping your landscape flourish, and a Monster Tree Service arborist will assist you by translating the results and providing the best action plan.

Choose professional plant tissue and soil testing services. Call (888) 744-0155 today or request a free, no-obligation estimate online.

What You Get with a Plant Health Evaluation from Monster Tree Service

When each independently owned and operated Monster Tree Service location offers an analysis to determine plant health, we don’t just look at one aspect and call the job done. We investigate multiple elements of tree health to make sure your plants get the best, tailored care.

General Soil Testing Services

The top three soil factors that affect your trees’ growth are:

  1. Water availability
  2. Compaction
  3. Organic matter present in the soil

The arborists at Monster Tree Service look at all three and more during our soil testing and analysis and use the results to make treatment recommendations. We may suggest treatments like adding compost, organic matter or soil amendments, and fertilizer to the soil around your trees or recommend options to your landscaping to allow for better drainage.

Soil Need Evaluation: pH and Nutrient Testing

Some plants prefer alkaline or acidic soil, and some prefer ground that’s closer to true neutral. Monster Tree Service plant health care specialists can perform a soil pH test to evaluate whether your soil type matches the plants you’re growing. We can recommend the types of trees and shrubs that will thrive at your soil’s natural pH levels or tweak your yard with custom soil amendments to make your soil more hospitable for the plants you do have. When you create a healthy environment for your trees, they thrive. You will not need pesticides as frequently when you create the best environment to encourage optimal tree health.

Your trees, shrubs, and other plants have specific nutrient needs. Deficiencies can cause everything from slowed growth to yellow or brown leaves. We perform a soil nutrient test to get a clear picture of what is and isn’t available in your soil. Then, we can best propose a program to allow the nutrients to become more readily available to your trees, plants, and shrubs.

Tree Health Assessments from a Plant Tissue Test

Beyond soil testing, we may also recommend a tissue test, especially if there are diseases present. Not only can a tissue test provide a clear diagnosis of the disease, but it can also tell us what nutrients are available within the tree. These two tests together provide a full picture, so we can construct a program in your trees’ best interest and yours. Our goal is to provide optimal care using the best products at the proper time in the best delivery method possible to ensure your dollars are well spent. If you’ve already had testing performed, we would be happy to review the results before making our recommendations.

Why Choose Professional Tree Health Testing

Our testing- and analysis-based tree health services provide a deep understanding of your soil and your plants’ health by:

  • Analyzing available nutrients in the soil or within the foliage
  • Diagnosing disease, sometimes even before visible symptoms

Once we’ve finished testing, we have the in-depth information that allows us to create a plan to care for your landscaping through custom fertilization or disease management. Your trees will never be healthier.

Tree and Plant Tissue Testing & Soil Analysis Near Me

Enjoy the beauty of your trees for decades to come by gaining insight into the most complete picture of what’s happening with the soil in your yard. Call (888) 744-0155 or get a free quote online to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get my soil tested near me?

Contact your local Monster Tree Service to schedule an appointment for soil testing and tree/plant tissue analysis.

How much does a soil test cost?

Soil test costs will vary based on several factors, including the size of your yard and the number of plants to be evaluated. The cost is also determined by the specific details needed to provide a proper diagnosis. Sometimes, we want to look for damaging pollutants (like salts) or soil biology.

Why is soil health important?

Plants build health from the root up. Healthy soil provides the nutrient-rich base a tree or shrub needs to grow into a healthy plant. Without strong soil, trees don’t have the support they need to thrive. Regular soil testing helps property owners address problems before plants suffer.

Related Services

Support your plants throughout their lifespan with professional Monster Tree Service services, including:

  • Professional fertilization addresses gaps in your soil’s nutrients to provide what your trees and shrubs are missing from the natural soil, but also, Monster plant health care specialists provide what your soil needs most to build the best environment for your tree to thrive.
  • Monster Tree Service offers insect and disease management to diagnose and treat threats from disease, infections, and pests, however, we will also provide a plan to minimize pesticide use whenever possible by promoting optimal tree health.
  • Care for your root crown with a root collar excavation that addresses your trees’ health at the source, letting upper roots have access to the light and air they need to be healthy.

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